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Our platforms are e-commerce ready with an online store where available
products are catalogued and can be viewed anywhere and on any device.


Our online platform

Bizcode products are available on the leading e-commerce platforms in SEA.

Bizcode.store is an online e-commerce platform that gives businesses access to a wide range of products and benefits.


You can place an order of 20pcs to 30pcs with our ready stock. Ease a load on your personal inventory in terms of cost and space.

Mix & Match In One Order

We offer a range of computer and mobile gadgets with multiple choices of models.

Reliable Selections

With a team of experts dedicated to researching and understanding today’s computing peripheral needs to provide your business with the best-selling products.

We provide :

On-time Delivery

We understand that timely inventory replenishment is important in increasing organizational efficiency.

We provide :

Attractive Retail Packaging

Packaging designed to stand out and attract end-users.

We provide :

Experienced Technical Support

A comprehensive Internet-based website consists of all the products, software and technical information for you and your customers.

We provide :

Sales & Marketing
Tools Supported

We prepare the marketing collateral for your retail store, giving the products the best chance of attracting customers.

Your one-stop Mobile & ICT gadgets supply

Be our Distribution Partner

Learn how being a Bizcode electronic appliance distributor & gadget distributor can benefit you!

With more than 11,000 dealers,

We has always been committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships between ourselves and our distribution partners. Learn how being a Bizcode electronic appliance distributor & gadget distributor can benefit you!

Priority pricing for our resellers

Free customer service
(direct support to consumers)

Exclusive promotional packages

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