Bizcode Goals

With Bizcode’s continuous growth efforts, our retail partners and online platforms are increasing as we collaborate with retailers such as Harvey Norman, Lotus’s, Aeon, MyCU, MyNews, and MR.DIY and brands like Cliptec, Phillips, Mcdodo, Lanex, and Gamenote. Our products from CLiPtec are sold in 37 countries across the globe ranging from South America, Africa and Asia.

We have plans to expand our reach to more countries. We are also working to include overseas retailers, and online merchants for small purchases and distributions as well. We are working towards the goal of becoming a major player in the infrastructure, supply chain, IT and mobile gadgets, and home appliances industries, contributing to digital transformation technologies.

Bizcode’s commitment to Our Future

We often hear the term Future-Ready. But what makes an organisation truly future-ready?

Commitment to Flexibility
These past few years have shown us that planning, while essential to every business, the ability to make changes quickly and effectively is equally as important. The pandemic showed us that regulations can be altered, operations can be halted, and organisations had to be able to adapt. At Bizcode we understand the importance of flexibility for an organisation's success, and we take steps to ensure we are a future-ready organisation.

We employ the latest Data Collection methods to develop accurate demand forecasting for our clients, our retail locations and online platforms. As an organisation that operates in various locations around the world, things such as seasonality, competition, and geography, may affect our business.
Demand forecasting allows us to anticipate the future needs of customers and create forecasts based on historical data and market trends and local circumstances.


Leading the way with Digital Transformations


A high level of accuracy is essential to ensure smart decisions about supply chain
operations, profit margins, cash flow, capital expenditures, capacity planning and more are
made. With access to Big Data forecasting products that are just what consumers are looking for.
Bizcode executes demand planning management with our reliable demand planning software.


Business Growth through Digital Marketing Strategy

Our team has also been actively exploring and executing our Digital Marketing Strategy that sets us apart. In addition to our channel of online stores, Bizcode.Store, Shopee & Lazada, we have also begun using SEO and social media platforms to reach an even larger audience while also staying engaged with our customers and partners. We’re active on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many others. We want to stay connected, up to date on trends and most importantly in the know on how we can serve our customers better.

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