The Bizcode Way

Selling to Local Consumers Directly through
our Multi-Platform Funnel

Bizcode helps international suppliers sell their products
to local consumers via local E-commerce marketplaces and
our 11,000 plus resellers and it also increases the visibility
of the brand and products in the ASEAN market.

One-Stop Services & Operating System

Including logistics, cash flow, local warehouse and
so on to help SMEs (Small or Medium-size Enterprises)
to expand their reach via Cross-border E-marketing.
BizCode also designed an intranet operating system
software for our clients to use our one-stop service
and run their business in their country.

BizCode’s OS simplifies the complications associated
with cross-border E-marketing. Our engineers designed
a humanised user interface to guide our clients step by
step on how they can use our e-commerce platform.

Looking for a manufacturer

that will get your products to you?

Contract Manufacturing

Bizcode is a renowned informational technology provider that provides a
platform for emerging technologies to penetrate the digital market while
maintaining a great deal of connections to our partners and suppliers.

We sell a myriad of computer and mobile peripherals, and office and home
ICT-related items to retail businesses, catering to both the domestic and
international market, with our headquarters and R&D office in Malaysia
and production and warehouse in China.


We kick off by getting in contact with your team where we work on a strategy to follow and make decisions on what is the best course of action to pursue the said strategy. Strategic planning allows us to create a roadmap and is viewed as a decision-making process.

Product Design

Product design gives a thorough understanding of what the final product looks like and simultaneously helps and eliminates possible hazards. We foster an active style of work where we are flexible when needed and very attentive to what our clients ask of us.

Quality Control

By regularly performing quality control (QC) checks, we are able to establish standards for quality and frequently reviewing these products helps us to ensure that product quality is maintained. Monitoring these products that adhere to established standards would standardise our products and services.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is a form of functionalism that is designed to protect the product, attract clients and customers and most importantly, present an identity. We go to great lengths to ensure that the product satisfies the above-mentioned packaging design criteria hence increasing our client’s product desirability.

Shipping & Logistics

We distribute the final products to our manufacturer’s clients as per their request. Once the final products are shipped and received by the client, the manufacturer would then update its inventories in its contract manufacturing system.

Post Launch Support

Bizcode provides a platform where our clients can give their feedback or lend our support in their time of need. Our clients’ feedback makes us a better provider and it allows us to assess ourselves to constantly evolve in hopes to exceed our client’s needs and expectations.