Advantages of BizCODE
Online and Offline Platform & Services

BizCODE provides selling platform to help clients penetrating into ASEAN markets through promoting their products via E-Commerce platforms that reaches to local consumers.

BizCODE offers “One-Stop Services” with user-friendly guidelines to help clients getting ready to operate in e-commerce platform with ease.

BizCODE has well experienced, trained, and knowledgeable staffs in each country to assist clients on promoting their products throughout offline & e-commerce platform.

Core Value

One-Stop Services and Operating System

Selling to Local Consumers

9 Features of BizCODE Services

The 9 Features of
BizCODE Services

Selling to Local Consumer 

Bizcode helps our clients to sell products directly to local consumers via reseller or e-commerce marketplace.

Market Analysis

Bizcode provides local market analysis report to our clients hoping to help them to get the right price and the right market position to stay competitive.

Brand Visibility in ASEAN Market

Clients will gain product exposure exponentially through social media, selling in e-commerce platforms, locally.

Local Logistic Services

Bizcode provides logistic services to help our clients such as local shipping, goods returning and goods exchanging, locally.

Local Warehouse Services

Bizcode provides local warehousing to cut cost and transit time from global freight by storing products in our warehouse to serve local consumers.

Accessible payment methods

Bizcode provides variety payment methods for our consumers to select such as “Third Party Payment Gateway” or “Local Affiliate Bank Accounts”.

Local customer service

Bizcode helps our clients to reduce cost and time on hiring by providing local customers support to omit delay in responses and finer experiences for end users.

Local consultation

Bizcode offers local consultation services such as local tax, tariff rate, and certificate of products.

Language translation services

Bizcode provides an extensive language translation that fully adapts to local culture, which stimulates the “purchase intention”.

Our One-Stop Service & Operating System

It is not easy for SME ( Medium/ Small/ Micro Enterprise) to enter foreign markets, Cross- border E-commerce will be one of the easiest option.

However, it is difficult for SME to run Cross-border E-commerce themselves due to language/culture barrier, logistic, cash flow, high operation cost and etc.

For the reason, BizCode provides one-stop service which including logistic, cash flow, local warehouse and etc to help SME to expand the market via Cross-border E-market. BizCode also designed an operating system for our client to use our one-stop service and running their business in their country.

BizCode operating system simplified the complicated operating of Cross-border E-market. Our engineers designed humanize user interface to guide our client step by step to use our one-stop service and our clients can complete everything in Bizcode operating system.